T H E     L A S T     L E T T E R:

what remains behind


(ongoing project)

A última carta

Dear Sayuri, I'm writing you for the last time, even with all the “what ifs”, to at least try to show you what remains here after you've gone: the perspective on how we live, me and all those who lost their loved ones to suicide. Such an intense experience as this one, that even though we don't know exactly how to cope with it, we tried in the midst of a whirlwind of feelings, in the midst of deafening silence, to find a way to deal with what is now inevitable: you are gone.

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Alinne Rezende

visual storyteller / photojournalist / travel/ documentary brazilian photographer based in Brazil and Europe fotojornalista / documentário / viagem / fineart fotojornalista localizada no Brasil e Europa
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